C.Blau Handbags

I have always had some form of a tassel adorning my handbags.  I felt it added a second layer, another texture, and sometimes an additional color to the bags.  They started simple.....originally it was a small bead which then evolved into very thin leather fringe.  These tassels were all made by my mom, Sandra Blauch.  There was a very short blip in time when I had a manufacturer in New York City make about 50 tassels, but other than that one collection, my mother has had her hands (and creative mind) involved in each and every one.  Her kitchen was often covered in the leather dust that results from your scissors cutting 5mm tiny strips from a 20 sq/ft hide.  Hot glue sticking her fingers together. One of the greatest assets of my mom is her ability to understand what assistance is needed in any given situation, and gracefully assert herself to fill in and do what is necessary to complete the task.  All while making it look amazing and effortless.  Hence the tassel making.  She has elevated the latest C.Blau tassels into a new hemisphere.  In the sense of a true artist, she took inspiration from what is around her.  The beach.  She sent me this photo from an early morning walk after she realized she had used up her previous inventory.........what better store than this.



The new tassels range in length, color and materials, but all carry a common organic earthiness.  She has hand-strung, hand-knotted and strategically placed each and every element.  Many times restringing when she felt the balance was off.  There are no two alike.  Each C.Blau handbag comes adorned with a tassel.  I encourage everyone to mix and match their bag with their tassel.  For online shoppers, I will be happy to send photos of different tassels so you can choose the one that fits your style.  




I have added one of the long tassels to a favorite vintage Coach tote bag of mine.  The length of the tote really compliments the long tassel.  The removable clasp makes it easy to move it from one bag to the other (or keychain)



 A sampling of a handful of the current tassels.  The textures and colors are striking.



Below is my favorite picture of one of the tassels, it includes the artist herself......wearing it as a necklace.  I plan on copying this look, and who knows, maybe I'll add two!  I will have the C.Blau Winter 2018 handbag collection for sale on the website in the coming few weeks.  Please email me with any questions or comments at christina@cblau.com


Written by Christina Bower — January 18, 2018