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Since moving to Florida from NYC three years ago, you could say I've embraced the climate and space for a garden,  My husband would use the word obsessed.  I've always felt that you should appreciate the positive of any situation you're in, because, no matter where you live, there are always good and bad.  While NYC had the most amazing boutiques, restaurants, culture and just about anything you wanted.......it couldn't provide a garden in our tiny, 350 sq/ft apartment.  While we did have views from the top floor of our apartment (see below) there was no space for anything LIVING (except for us, our 2 cats and dog).

Let's do a complete 180 and enter Naples, Florida.  We live in the Tropics.....literally.  Our growing zone is 10, and if you're unfamiliar with what that means (as most normal people would be) it defines what plants can sustain your weather.  Mostly it details what plants can survive how many days of frost your area gets.  Since we get maybe 3 days of light frost a year, the plants we can grow are very tropical.  Below is an picture taken from the beach......we can ride our bicycles to witness this every night.

This brings me to explain my latest fascination:  the Hibiscus. I have loved colors since I was a little girl.  I would gladly accompany my mom to Hechinger's (a MD based home-improvement store) to peruse and collect the colorful wallpaper samples.  They have since gone bankrupt, and as far as I know, home improvement stores don't allow you to collect samples....... probably because after my collection they realized it wasn't financially sound.  But I digress.  The point is, that if you appreciate color you will love the Hibiscus.  It actually can change color from the time the blossom opens to the end of the day.  After arriving home one evening, I thought a separate bloom had opened since I left for work, only to realize the flower color had changed drastically from coral to canary-yellow.  We have the luxury of planting these outside, but if you live up north I think you can bring them in during the winter.  Cajun Hibiscus is a collection of some the most stunning varieties.  The first Hibiscus pictured has a double bloom.  The bottom Hibiscus is a single bloom and the first plant I bought.

Obviously, Naples doesn't have the excitement and electricity that NYC has.  In my opinion, no other city can compare.  But what I do have, is a little plot of land that I call my own, and my hands, to cultivate it.

Written by noreply@blogger.com (Christina) — March 01, 2014