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In my opinion, lipstick makes an outfit.  It can make a bold statement or simply take a backseat to showcase a dramatic eye.  Either way you prefer it, lipstick is a chance to step out and try something new!  If you are not used to wearing lipstick, it may feel like playing dress up and you may feel slightly self-conscious at first.  Especially if you are trying out a bright lipstick for the first time.  The key is to find the right shade for your coloring and a good dose of confidence.

I wear bright lipstick with a white tee shirt.  and jeans.  and heels.  It creates a look that it current, fresh, and stands out without trying so hard.  The key is to keep your other makeup simple and fresh and clean.  Think of it in terms of opposites.  If you do a bright lip, keep your eye makeup and blush simple.  If you want to vamp up the eyeliner, choose a simple soft pink or tan/nude lipstick.

With all the choices out there, where does a girl begin in finding her right shade?  You can thank Sephora.  This cosmetics chain enables you to try as many as you want before purchasing.  If you are someone who doesn't enjoy the hunt of shopping, I have put together a list of my personal favorites.  I often get asked what lipstick I am wearing, (you will too) so I've put together a photo gallery of my favorites.

#1-  HEAT WAVE by Nars.  I love the deep pigment, texture and just about everything about this lipstick.  I think orangy-reds are much easier to wear than true reds.  They feel more modern and less stuffy.

#2- SCHAP by Nars.  This is a great blue-pink lipstick.  I love wearing this with a classic navy and white stripe tee.  This looks very similar to what my bridesmaids wore (it looked AMAZING with their burnt-orange gowns--see below for pic)

#3- BE MINE by Victoria's Secret.  Yes, you can buy lipstick at VS, and yes, I think it's a great quality.  This is a pretty, everyday warm pink lipstick.

#4- FASHION'S NIGHT POUT by Revlon.  I think it's very hard to find the perfect tan/nude.  It can't be too close to your lip color or you end up looking like a ghost, but too far from your lip color and you defeat the whole purpose of a "nude".  This is perfect for a smoky eye.

#5-CANDY PINK by Revlon.  This is a great blue-pink lipstick.  See how it looks cooler than #3?  That is why it's called a blue-pink.

Ok.  So now that you've all been inspired to go out and buy some new lipstick, you might be asking how do I apply it so that I don't end up looking like a clown.  Easy.  I think the key is to build layers of color and make sure that it is saturated enough to not flake off on your teeth.

Step 1.  Apply color straight from the tube.  I've never been one to use fancy lip brushes.  I think this enables you to get the best color saturation.

Step 2.  Use your (clean) finger to ensure you've covered your entire lip.  Make sure you get to the outer edges, without going over.  Don't be so concerned with getting a perfect line... this helps prevent you from looking like you're wearing your grandmothers lipliner.

Step 3.  Blot with a tissue.  This prevents it from looking too heavy.  Now you're ready to repeat another layer of lipstick.  This will ensure that it will last a long time.  Obviously, with a deeper shade you will need to reapply more often than with a light color.

I promise, once you take the plunge and try a bright lipstick (even for practice for only an hour) you will feel that your whole face has been brightened.  It's a great way to jump into spring.  So treat yourself, and happy lipstick shopping!

Written by noreply@blogger.com (Christina) — March 01, 2014