C.Blau Handbags

Spring is finally here (for most of the country)!  If you live in Florida like me, it's been Spring for quite some time now.  This season is about new growth, starting fresh and spending more time outdoors.  As far as starting fresh goes........this can mean a lot of different things;  taking on a new challenge, cleaning the crud out of your window panes, or updating your wardrobe.  Or a bit of each!

Nothing freshens your look like a new handbag.  It can be the color pop that your muted outfit is in desperate need of, or the sophisticated and unique piece that makes your tired old jeans look fresh again.  The hottest colors for spring are what I call, vibrant pastels.  Lilac, seafoam and cornflower blue mix amazingly well with apricot, vivid lime and coral. These standout clutches are created from the softest Italian lambskin and made in the USA.  These colors are limited, so get your favorite (or two) now, and start the season off with a punch!

Buy these and other colorways at cblau.com


Written by noreply@blogger.com (Christina) — March 01, 2014