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The term "nesting", when referring to a soon-to-be mother, always sounded funny to me.  I guess it makes me think of my family's pregnant cat;  she would tear up pieces of paper and frantically stuff them in a pile in the cardboard box we provided for her.  Maybe "nesting" sounds too literal for me.  Or too all-consuming.  I've been lucky enough to live in a place where the cold hasn't kept me indoors.  I haven't had to be cooped up in the house obsessing over every part of being pregnant.  Most mornings I eat my breakfast outside and have a moment of peace and quiet to spend with the little human growing inside of me. I talk to him.  Simple things like, "looks like we're out of Cheerios, guess it's going to be oatmeal this morning", or "oops, we spent too long watering the plants, now we're going to be late for work!".  In a way, I feel like I'm already getting to know him.......the much quieter, non-diaper changing, "I get to still have a normal night's sleep" version of him.  So I'm sure all the mothers out there are saying......."just you wait!! you have no idea what's to come!".  And I really don't.  And I don't expect to.  I'm hoping that my husband and I will be able to adapt to the HUGE life change that awaits and take it day by day.  In the words of my mother, "blessed are those who are flexible".  In the meantime, I'm just enjoying every kick, squirm, ache and pain that this little boy brings me.

So back to nesting.......I've decided to post a picture of the nursery the way it looks today.  Yes, we have put up chalkboard paint on the one wall, but that seems to be about it.  My husband would probably disagree because in order to get the room to look like this, he had to rip out the baseboards, skim coat the walls, sand, then skim coat the walls again.  It seems like a lot to do in order to get a room "ready" to be "ready".  But, here we are........and I couldn't be more excited!  While some may think this looks daunting or overwhelming, I see it as a world of potential!  So many options of paint, wallpaper and ideas!    This is the best time for a room, when you can clear everything out, clean out all the hidden dust bunnies, start fresh and create any mood and feeling you want the room to portray.  I'll give you a hint as to what the plan is........it involves owl wallpaper and a cowskin rug.  How baby friendly is that?  I left Tony to pick out the proper bottles and baby bathing tub while I chose the cowskin rug.  Hopefully in the next couple of months it will all come together because this boy could be here by August 1st!

While 6 months is plenty of time to get accustomed to something, I am still amazed everyday that I am housing a small living creature.  At this stage he has eyebrows and eyelashes and is starting to grow hair on his head.  All while only being about 1 lb.  I often wonder who this little boy will grow up to be, what traits will he take from Tony and what will he take from me.  I still marvel at genetics....the shape of my foot is identical with my dads.  Do I get nervous about life after the baby?  Of course...I wonder how this will affect my new business, how it will affect the peaceful life that Tony and I have created for ourselves in our marriage, and if we'll figure out what the heck to do with our baby the day we bring him home from the hospital.  But above the worry, I am thankful that I have Tony as a partner to go through the ups and downs with.  We are also so fortunate to have family so close by.  I think that is very rare these days, and I never take that for granted.

Another member of the family who will have to adjust is Olive. She has already had to learn that she can't lay on my stomach anymore.  I've told Tony that we will have to put  a new bed for her in the nursery, so she doesn't feel left out.........I think I got an eye roll for that one.

Written by noreply@blogger.com (Christina) — March 01, 2014