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Well, we have the nursery completed.....now all that is needed is a BABY.  We have about 3 weeks to go until we get to meet this little guy.  It's amazing to think that he is this fully-formed baby just growing fatter and fatter everyday until he runs out of room and decides to make his appearance.  It's all pretty fascinating and exciting.  Tony and I are overwhelmed at the amount of love everyone already feels towards him; we've had two baby showers, countless gifts and unending well wishes.

We didn't want the nursery to scream "baby"! but at the same time be a comfortable and unique place for him.  I fell in love with the owl wallpaper as soon as I spotted it.  I mean, what is a better excuse to wallpaper a room than in a nursery!  It's by a London based interior design company that decided to add a line of wallpapers inspired by hand sketches.  You can view all the other prints and patterns at Turner Pocock.  We also thought it would be cool to do an entire wall in chalkboard paint.  It's been fun reading everyone's messages and drawings.  The mobile over the crib is from a Danish company that does brightly colored paper mobiles.  I like that it isn't plastic or "fuzzy" or made in china.  It also moves with just the slightest breeze.  You can check out all the other mobile options here.

The toughest part of the nursery was by FAR the wood chair molding.  It involved many trips to Home Depot, one where we had to rent one of those trucks because we couldn't fit the huge wood panels in the back of our car.  We cut each panel, all the top trim and bottom trim as well as the pieces that make up the "boxes".  Once they were all cut, we painted it a slate-blue color.  There were many nights we just looked at each other and thought, "what the heck were we thinking"?.....but in the end, it's one of my favorite details of the room and it feels really good to know that we did it ourselves.  The rocking chair is an antique that my mom and I picked up on a trip out to Arcadia,Florida (if you're into antiques I recommend a trip there).  That old rocker got a major face lift!  My mom striped the wood and refinished it.  I had it reupholstered in slate-gray leather with nail head trim.  By the way......if you love the color of the leather, it will be an option in the C.Blau handbag line for Fall 2013!

I also wanted the nursery to be puggle friendly.  Afterall, Olive will probably be spending many of her nights in here as well!  Most mornings she goes in and finds the biggest patch of sun and takes a nap.  I just hope the baby finds his room equally relaxing! 

Written by noreply@blogger.com (Christina) — March 01, 2014