C.Blau Handbags

This month is full of change and firsts for C.Blau.  I'll be premiering the new line of handbags at our first trade show in New York City at COAST.  I'm excited for the exposure and the opportunity to expand more into retail.

The original foldover clutch is also getting a face lift!  The new collection features a larger, more generous sized pouch.  Now that I have a baby, I tend to need more luggage room to fit his many burp cloths, squeaky toys and diapers.  I've found that a C.Blau clutch works perfectly to house your many necessary items and still drops neatly into a diaper bag.  Which, by the way, doesn't need to be an ugly printed nylon zippered bag from Babies R' Us.  I've found a large leather tote with pockets works just as well.  It's hard enough to get your hair brushed as a new mom, let alone lose all your fashion dignity.  A C.Blau leather tote is in the developmental stages and will hopefully premier next season.

The new crop of clutches features exceptional quality leather.  I sourced a new leather company out of the UK that I found to have the best Italian skins with the richest colors.  The collection also features python and mangrove snakeskins and a beautiful velvet fabric sourced from France.  Most importantly, every C.Blau bag is hand cut and hand sewn in the USA.  As always, the handbags are limited edition and will be featured on the website by next month.

I hope the month of February brings you some newness and adventure as well!  


Written by noreply@blogger.com (Christina) — March 01, 2014